Using Primal Script

There are several Primal Script features that facilitate working with VBScript. There is a demo version included with my VBScript book. You can order it here: click me.

Collecting command line arguments

To solicit command line arguments, do the following:

1.      go to tools / options

2.      select the languages tab

3.      in the languages panel (left hand side) scroll down until you find VBScript

4.      On the right hand check the Ask for Arguments box as seen below:

Changing the font size

1.      go to tools / options

2.      on General tab press button beside default font as seen below:

3.      in font dialog box, select size

Getting rid of the automatic formatting after commands

1.      go to tools / options

2.      go to the primal sense tab

3.      uncheck “auto parameter info” as seen below

Laptop notes:

If the enter key quits working, it is because you accidentally turned on alternate input. To turn this off, press the function key and hit CTRL.

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